Buster Crabbe Collection


 FLASH GORDON (Universal – 1936) [13 eps.]

 Chapter 1. The Planet of Peril

Chapter 2. The Tunnel of Terror

Chapter 3. Captured by Shark Men

Chapter 4. Battling the Sea Beast

Chapter 5. The Destroying Ray

Chapter 7. Shattering Doom

Chapter 8. Tournament of Death

Chapter 9. Fighting the Fire Dragon

Chapter 10. The Unseen Peril

Chapter 11. In the Claws of the Tigron

Chapter 12. Trapped in the Turret

Thirteenth and Final Chapter. Rocketing to Earth

* Missing: Chapter 6. Flaming Torture


RED BARRY (Universal – 1938) [13 eps.]

 Chapter 1. Millions for Defense

Chapter 2. The Curtain Falls

Chapter 3. The Decoy

Chapter 4. High Stakes

Chapter 5. Desperate Chances

Chapter 6. The Human Target

Chapter 7. Midnight Tragedy

Chapter 8. Devil’s Disguise

Chapter 9. Between Two Fires

Chapter 10. The False Trail

Chapter 11. Heavy Odds

Chapter 12. The Enemy Within

Chapter 13. Mission of Mercy



 SEASON 01.37 The Constance Missal

SEASON 01.36 The Boy Who Found Christmas

SEASON 01.35 The Clue Of Herodotus

SEASON 01.34 Masquerade

SEASON 01.33 Lost Caravan

SEASON 01.32 Alibi

SEASON 01.31 The Hat

SEASON 01.30 Hand of Fatima

SEASON 01.29 The Traitor

SEASON 01.28 Legion is Our Home

SEASON 01.26 The Hostage

SEASON 01.25 Treasure of the Legion

SEASON 01.23 Double Jeopardy

SEASON 01.20 The Dagger Of Judah

SEASON 01.19 The Man With The Map

SEASON 01.17 Ambushed

SEASON 01.16 As Long As There Are Arabs

SEASON 01.15 Revenge

SEASON 01.14 Captive Oasis

SEASON 01.13 Tina

SEASON 01.12 Caravan Patrol

SEASON 01.11 The Golden Loop

SEASON 01.10 Prayer Rug

SEASON 01.09 Strange Sanctuary

SEASON 01.07 Carnival in Zagora

SEASON 01.06 Esprit De Corps

SEASON 01.05 The Camel Race

SEASON 01.04 Tala’s Secret

SEASON 01.03 Firpo Firepower (duplicate copies)

SEASON 01.01 Introduction

SEASON 02.28 Black Death

SEASON 02.26 Too Many Suspects

SEASON 02.25 The Man from Cairo

SEASON 02.24 Court Martial

SEASON 02.23 The Lone Legionnaire (duplicate copies)

SEASON 02.22 Rescue (duplicate copies)

SEASON 02.21 Doctor Legionnaire (NMT, duplicate copies)

SEASON 02.20 One Accident Too Many (NMT, duplicate copies)

SEASON 02.18 Ring of Steel

SEASON 02.17 Water!

SEASON 02.16 Out of Bounds

SEASON 02.15 Mystery Man of the Desert

SEASON 02.14 Sword of El Kiri (2 copies)

SEASON 02.13 Shifting Sands

SEASON 02.10 The Informer’s Map

SEASON 02.09 A Private Affair

SEASON 02.08 The Magic Lamp

SEASON 02.07 Fuzzy’s Furlough

SEASON 02.06 Rodeo

SEASON 02.03 The Long Night (NMT)

Three episodes with the main title Foreign Legionnaire have no episode title or identifying number

Two have the following information that doesn’t match up with known episode guides

Trial Defense

Stolen Treasure

And one states Episode 98


 King of the Jungle (1933)

Tarzan the Fearless (1933)

Search for Beauty (1934)

The Arizona Raiders (1936)

Desert Gold (1936)

Forlorn River (1937)

Planet Outlaws (1939)

Wild Horse Phantom (1944)

Nabonga (1944)

His Brother’s Ghost (1945)

Last of the Redmen (1947)

Caged Fury (1948)

Planet Outlaws (1953)

Just for Fun (1963)

Bounty Killer (1965)

Ashes of Doom (1970)

The Comeback Trail (1982)


Home Movies

County Fair

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Bugle Call





Skin Diving

Buster Crabbe Camp: Basketball Fancy Footwork

Buster Crabbe Camp: Sandlot Baseball


 Xth Olympiad Men’s 400 meter freestyle swim (1932 Olympics Los Angeles, CA)

Clip reel: Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion, Flash Gordon, Billy the Kid, Tarzan the Fearless

Buster Crabbe T-Shirt Commercial

Buster Crabbe Lecture Film (1971)