Herb Farmer enrolled in USC’s film school in 1938 and continued working at the school until his death in 2009. Farmer brought many things to what is now the School of Cinematic Arts, including the school’s first camera. The first year that he attended school at USC, cinema classes were being taught essentially through pretend. Students would set-up shots and discuss lighting and staging, but the school didn’t have a camera and so no movies were ever filmed. That summer, Farmer drove his personal camera from his New York hometown all the way across the country and that was how USC got it’s first moving picture camera! Over the next seventy-one years, Farmer helped procure many more cameras, equipment, and films so much so that a good majority of the Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive’s equipment was obtained by Farmer himself.

To honor Farmer and all of the great things he has done for the School of Cinematic Arts, we will be uploading weekly pictures of him and his friends during their time at USC.

Herb Farmer Gallery