HMBI065806 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Illustrated titles: “India, in and near Delhi”: Street scenes, yaks pulling a cart. Helen Miller Bailey poses in sari with local woman. Marketplace: copper wares. Countryside: baboons, hippos in a river, donkeys at the side of the river. Women carrying water in jugs on their head on a trail, getting water from a well. Man making clay pottery. Camel turning a water wheel. Woman washing clothes.¬† Man hammering shoes on a yak. “India, near Agra”: Taj Mahal, water buffalo in water. Helen Miller Bailey and Henry Morle Bailey (on crutches) talking with locals. Women pulling water from well, children swinging. “India, Ganges Valley”: Helen Miller Bailey holding still camera riding down river. Classic architecture. Large city, streetcars, double-decker buses, and cars. Large bridge. “The Vale of Kashmir”: traveling down river, boats and houses¬† on the water edge. Helen Miller Bailey and Henry Morle Bailey waving at the camera from a seat on the boat. Marketplace, pottery.