HMBI065849 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Footage of various unspecified locations in the Middle East. The last shot is of the Israeli flag; there is a sign designating the Dead Sea half way through and there is a sign pointing to Damas (Damascus, Syria) and Beyrouth (Beirut, Lebanon). Images both from modern cities and rural villages. Throughout different unidentified locations we see people in both modern and traditional dress; cars and camels. Shots include: city coastline, camels, city streets, marketplace. Mountains; sheepherder, children. Classical buildings, river. Beach: locals swimming, playing. Henry Morle Bailey with crutches, sitting and waving at camera; sign next to him reads Dead Sea. City park, country, fields. Tel Aviv (identified by sign of the Fredric B Mann Auditorium, opened in 1957). Lake: children swimming; Helen Miller Bailey wading and waving at camera. Small ancient ruins, pier.