HMBI065857 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


No titles. Footage shot from boat: large and small boats, seagulls. Car being craned off ferry. Seaside town: swan in pond, crowd of local people in traditional dress. Small waterall. Helen Miller Bailey (in driver’s seat) and Henry Morle Bailey (in back) driving over a bridge for a waterfall. Billy goats near a waterfall on a hillside grazing. Small village: graveyard, women working in the fields, a lake by the village. Helen Miler Bailey bosing by waterside – Kim (son) waving at camera. Local man playing the violin and a man and woman folk dancing. [Flags at this point identify place as Sweden.] City streets: cable cars, rooftops, river in the city. Rural farm: fields, barn. City streets: fountain, statue, horse-drawn cart, rooftops at a bay.