HMBI065858 – GUATEMALA 1938 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Typed titles as narration introducing each scene. [Black and white] “The volcanic high lands differ in every way from the ‘Banana Coast.’” “Antigua was the Spanish capital destroyed by an earthquake in 1773.” Aerial views of peaks next to flatlands and coast. Village with mountains in the background; local women carrying baskets on their heads; men in straw hats. “Picturesque Spanish Colonial ruins line the streets of Old Antigua.” Ancient ruins and classic Spanish architecture. “Here lived the descendants of poor Indians who moved into the deserted ruins.” Local woman washing clothes. Local men on cart pulled by oxen. “The Indian market is held in the ruins of the Jesuit monastery.” Marketplace, local women weaving baskets, selling clay pots, flowers, fruit. Horse-drawn carriages. “We lived in a colonial house unchanged since the earthquake.” Interior courtyard of the house; young boy (Bruce Morle Bailey) petting dog. Henry Morle Bailey and son Bruce Morle Bailey looking up at the camera. Each of the following titles introduces footage of the activities described: “Women wash clothes and carry water in San Antonio Aguascalientes.” “All villages have a distinct costume. Patzun sports red stripes.” “In the highland country, some natives still spin.” Helen Miller Bailey (blond woman with short hair) helping a local woman spin thread. “All Indian costumes are made on hand looms.” “Straw mats for sleeping are also hand woven.” “Pottery is still made without the use of a wheel.” “Maria has several pots ready for firing.” Helen Miller Bailey admiring the finished pots.