HMBI066001 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Illustrated title cards. “Congo”: Seaside city, aerial shots. Village: local women washing clothes, gathering water from fountain. River: villagers bathing and washing clothes. Women and children carrying bundles of wood on their heads across bridge. Thatched huts. Helen Miller Bailey seen from behind. Children smiling at camera. “Ethiopia”: City streets, cars, Ethiopian flags. Children playing. Countryside: village, farms, animals. Women washing clothes in river; women and children carrying bundles of branches on their backs. Town life: horses and carts; children mugging for the camera. “Uganda”: Village scenes: marketplace, oxen, street life. Henry Morle Bailey waving from a parked car. Sign: “Murchison Falls National Park. Drive Slowly.” Cars and vans drive onto ferry powered by water wheel. Local man dressed in traditional costume (shield, spear, feathers) dances for the camera. Footage shot from a boat on river: Hippos, crocodiles, waterfalls, rapids. Helen Miller Bailey on boat holding still camera. Henry Morle Bailey waving. On land: elephants, gazelles. Helen Miller Bailey walking in the grassland, waving.