HMBI066005 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Illustrated title cards. “The Ancient Maya”: Hillside town, local women and children. “Tikal, Guatemala, 600, A.D.” Ruins, temples,carved stones, stelae. Helen Miller Bailey climbing on rocks and up the sides of the Mayan temples, exploring ruins with group of tourists. Local men working among the ruins. Views of surrounding mountains. Helen Miller Bailey painting at the foot of a temple. Thatched roof huts; group of tourists. Small white plane taking off from a field; local children playing. “Uaxactún, Guatemala, -300, A.D.” Local children, thatched huts, white plane. Landscape. Helen Miller Bailey with still camera, standing with local man holding sword. Later, she waves at camera. “Copán, Honduras, 700, A.D.” Images shot from plane: mountains, clouds. Ruins — temples, stone carvings, stelae. Helen Miller Bailey climbing and waving. Lush landscape. Small prop plane in field.