HMBI066007 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Footage from Bailey’s bicycling trip in Germany and France with the International Youth Hostel movement in the summer of 1936.

Helen Miller Bailey with bicycle. Young women outside a youth hostel (sign: Allbier Jugenherberge), socializing and writing in notebooks. Peacock – schoolboys – countryside – monuments – city (locals in modern dress). Shops: Tabakwaren Lotteriebank Grosshandel. Village, girls in traditional dress – local couple with flower cart – steamboat on river – footage of town, modern buildings, factories, shot from river (presumably the Rhein). Sign on factory Rheinische Blechwarenwerks. Village, countryside, farmers, oxen, locals gathering hay from the fields. Young people eating lunch outdoors, children pulling wooden carts. Funeral procession. Helen Miller Bailey on bike, then in local dress shaking hands – shaking hands with young women – waving goodbye – posing with local women and children. Town along river – bridges – bicycles – horse – girl washing clothes at well. Young people eating, school children running. Sign reading Gasthaus. Farmers with oxen pulling hay. Women loading bike onto truck. Images of town, then countryside, women washing clothes. Elderly woman playing harmonica with Helen Miller Bailey.

To read excerpts from Dr. Bailey’s journals about this trip, see her biography: Helen Miller Bailey: The Pioneer Educator and Renaissance Woman Who Shaped Chicano(a) Leaders by Rita Joiner Soza.