HMBI066011 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Footage from Bailey’s bicycling trip in Germany and France with the International Youth Hostel movement in the summer of 1936.

Helen Miller Bailey riding bike and waving at camera, and meeting Henry Morle Bailey in cafe. Marketplace – locals in modern and traditional dress selling and buying food. City rooftops. River. Countryside – farmers, windmills, local women washing clothes in river and laying them out to dry on bushes. Village and town scenes – cafes, women in traditional outfits. Livestock market, street vendors. Picnic in the countryside. Town streets – sailors, nuns, religious procession. (Bailey’s journal identifies this as a “Pardon” festival in the town of Perros- Guirec in Brittany on August 15, 1936.) Helen Miller Bailey with bike. Henry Morle Bailey riding carriage. St. Malo – walled town, narrow stone streets.

To read excerpts from Bailey’s journals about this trip, see her biography: Helen Miller Bailey: The Pioneer Educator and Renaissance Woman Who Shaped Chicano(a) Leaders by Rita Joiner Soza.