HMBI066015 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Handwritten title cards (no illustrations): “Adventures in Japan – H.M. Bailey 1937 – Reel I” — “We stayed in the mountains at Karuizawa” — Village with thatched huts. Markets selling lanterns, sandals, traditional clothing. Helen Miller Bailey dressing in a kimono with help of local women. Bowing, walking through village street in costume. “Country people grow rice” — huts with thatched roofs, women harvesting rice in paddies, men with horses, women carrying baskets on their heads. “We visited many shrines and temples” — Children with mother in field, a fountain, shrines, temples. “We made friends with Japanese housewives” — women doing chores: hanging laundry, cleaning. Helen Miller Bailey in traditional dress eating with local women. Posing in garden, showing her sandals to camera. “Tokio is a large modern city.” “We lived in a native inn in Tokio” — Henry Morle Bailey posing with local women at inn, eating. Helen Miller Bailey with local women, holding a baby, strolling in garden. “Silk is a major industry” — silk cocoons, worms, factory workers, machines, spools of thread. “Road paving is done by hand labor” — Men paving a road. Human-powered mill. “Houses are thatched with rice straw.”