HMBI066965 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.

EAST ASIA 1961, 1969

Illustrated title cards: “ Korea”– City and street scenes; some are modern (paved), others dirt roads. Marketplace. Schoolyard — Korean children in school uniform playing ball on a paved court. Helen Miller Bailey posing with men there. Children doing gymnastics and calisthenics. Modern city streets — locals in traditional and contemporary clothing. Temple – couple (possibly bride and groom) posing in traditional outfits. Panoramic shots of big city from above. Village — riverside, people picnicking in tents by the water. Henry Morle Bailey, in wheelchair, with them. Huts. Village women washing clothes by water pump. Large group of schoolchildren. “Japan, in and near Nara” – park, temple, children and Henry Morle Bailey (with crutches) feeding deer. Mountains, countryside, farmers tending fields, city streets. “Japan, near the Inland Sea” – Henry Morle Bailey sitting by the water. Helen Miller Bailey, dressed in kimono, waving at camera. More panoramic shots of modern city from above. “In and near Tokio, Japan” – woman in traditional clothing, city locals strolling in park near pond and feeding ducks. Modern buildings with busy streets and amusement park.

Title cards illustrated by Helen Miller Bailey.