HMBI066967 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Handwritten title cards decorated with blankets and pottery. Main title: “Handcraft Civilization, Mexico 1940, H.M. Bailey” — Local men rowing a boat, making a fishing net; oxen — “Chucha don old men’s masks for a fiesta” — Locals on a stone path in the village, wearing masks and hats, playing guitar, dancing — “These same men sell straw mats or ‘petates’ on market day” — Busy marketplace — “Their wives weave the mats from marsh reeds” — Women weaving expertly by hand — “‘Juarache’ shoes are handmade of leather” — Man stitching leather shoes — “Lacquer bowls are a handcraft product of Patzcuaro” — Man painstakingly painting bowls by hand — “Serapes are woven by Patzcuaro natives who card, spin, reel, and weave the wool” — Men and boys weaving — “Jarácara islanders sell hats they braid from fine straw.” — Marketplace, locals selling and buying hats; men and women weaving — “Patzcuaro women wear shawls or ‘rebosos’ woven locally.” — “But the hand-painted pottery comes clear from Tlaquepaque” — Men making and painting pottery.