HMBI066969 Home Movies 1959 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.

Footage of unidentified locations, apparently in Latin America. Only Honduras is identified, towards the end. Images of seaside port with large sailing ships, donkeys carrying cargo. Beach in the daytime; sunset on ocean waves.  Green countryside, women sweeping the roads, oxen eating grass. Locals tending crops. Panoramic views of city and mountains. Modern city streets. Beach, woman (presumably Helen Miller Bailing) swimming, waving at camera. Large ship marked “Brazil” docking or passing through a lock. Helen Miller Bailing walking through ruins, waving at camera. Interspersed throughout are shots of unidentified locations: large cities, monuments, countryside, harbors, smaller towns, marketplaces, and a beachside fortress. Towards the end, a stone emblem on a building reads “Republica de Honduras.” Henry Morle Bailey and Helen Miller Bailey sitting on a castle or fortress at the top of a mountain.



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