HMBI066971 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Illustrated title cards: “Karachi, Pakistan” – Locals (men, women, and children) riding on camels on a country road. Town, crowds assembled by the waterside. Ceremony – men dropping elaborately decorated models of buildings into the water and letting them float off to the sea. Large sailboats, city rooftops in the distance. Marketplace. Local children posing for the camera. “Kathmandu, Nepal” – Village shots. Local women carrying bundles and babies on their backs. Woman pulls toddler out the path of a man riding an elephant. Green landscape, mountains, river. Street scenes and marketplace. Group of men and children playing native instruments and children dancing. Children bathing at fountain and women washing clothes. “Rangoon, Burma” – City with ornate buildings, monks in orange robes, locals lighting candles at outdoor shrine. Young women and girls performing traditional dance and playing drums. Harbor. Helen Miller Bailey walking down the steps of a large temple.

Title cards illustrated by Helen Miller Bailey