HMBI066976 from HMH Archive on Vimeo.


Footage of a port city, identified as Guayaquil from signs. Locals unloading bananas and other produce from boats. Town scenes: buildings, parks, monuments, with mountains in the distance. Bullfight. Busy marketplace: locals in traditional dress. Countryside: roads, houses; woman and child washing clothes in river; man leading donkeys across the river. Helen Miller Bailey and son Donald Bailey sitting with local boys in modern dress; she turns, smiles at camera. Huge water-wheel boat. Colombia (identified by ferry marked “Medellin”): Henry Morle Bailey and Donald Bailey waving from deck. Waterside village with thatched roofs. Various city shots of cars and parks. Henry Morle Bailey and Helen Miller Bailey riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Final shot of Helen Miller Bailey standing up to look back at the camera.