“Herb Farmer saved so many things over the years it is hard to even fathom the full scope of it all. He was an archivist by nature, but was also a product of a different time, so often the more important things to him might be hidden. In my years here at USC I have run across a number of things tucked in the craziest of places, and usually they are items that were very personal to Herb such as his box of negatives from still pictures that he shot, or this reel of kodachrome from his wedding reception May 24, 1946. The film reel was found tucked in a drawer of a desk that was buried under boxes of equipment. The footage is silent but gives a wonderful, intimate look at Herb, his wife Bea, and even Dan Wiegand in military uniform makes an appearance. It also gives us some of the earliest color images of Herb we have run across so far. I think my favorite part is when Herb turns the camera over to someone else so he can be in the shot and then the image goes out of focus. I will hopefully hear back from his son Jim in the coming weeks as to whom some of the other individuals and family members might be.”

– Dino Everett, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archivist


Herb Gallery