Title: Bob Booker Television Bloopers Collection

Collection Number: 0044

Span Dates: 1952 – 1986

Bulk Dates: 1970 – 1986

Creator: Bob Booker

Extent: 300 Videotapes

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Subject(s): Bob Booker , Television , Local News , Weather Reports , Sports Broadcasts , Outtakes , Blooper Reels , Goofs , Humor , Network TV Series , Motion Pictures , Feature Films , Commercials , Spoofs , Hidden Camera , Practical Jokes , Home Movies , Home Videos , Hollywood Stars , Ed Sullivan Show , Comedy , Funny Mistakes , TV Specials , Reporters , Behind-the-Scenes Clips , Gag Reels , Animal Encounters , Variety Shows
Bob Booker is a television producer, director, and comedy writer. Through his company, Bob Booker Productions, Inc., Booker has produced variety programming, major music specials, comedy series, and sit-coms. Booker has also spent much of his career packaging gag reels, news bloopers, commercial spoofs, and acting outtakes as comedy specials for television.
The Television Blooper Reels collection includes over 24 hours of these comedy clips. They range from animal encounters (bird poops on reporter) to sports mishaps (man jogs into tree), local news blunders (reporter can’t say “slipperiest”), presidential gaffes (Nixon first pitch drops baseball), and more. The collection also includes episodes of some of Booker’s variety shows, such as “Foul-ups, Bleeps & Blunders,” “Stars Before They Were Stars,” and “The Best of Sammy Davis, Jr.” Also featured are behind-the-scenes gag reels from popular television shows like “The Knight Rider,” “M*A*S*H*,” “Dallas,” and more. Paperwork in the collection includes correspondence with Booker and an appraisal of the materials.

Citation: Bob Booker Television Blooper Reels, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

Location: USC Hefner Archive

Access: Available by appointment or digital scans for a fee.