Who is Richard Jay Silverthorn, anyway? Genius, freak, android, archaeologist, TV host, mind controller, god? Who knows, but get into the head of what we know to be USC’s most absurdly creative filmmaker. Don’t try to make sense of the frantic pacing, non-sequiturs and mind-blowing animation. Jut give in to Silverthorn’s imaginative wonderland and be dragged through ancient Babylonia, and end up at a sinking Los Angeles where 1970s era families gather round the entertainment room to watch androids, mad scientists and fairies on 3D TV. But beware, you will suffer nightmares which may include stinging bee-cats, cat people, mummies, vox-pop interviewers, falling space ships, laughing babies, the Wicked Witch of the West and a fair share of bad wigs.

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Written and directed by Richard Jay Silverthorn (aka Marshall Goldman)
©1980 University of Southern California
Made possible by USC’s Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive

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