Title: Helen Miller Bailey Travel Film Collection

Collection Number: 0033

Span Dates: 1934- 1974

Creator: Helen Miller Bailey , East Los Angeles College

Extent: 50 Reels

Links: Helen Miller Bailey Travel Films Online

Subject(s): Helen Miller Bailey , Henry Morle Bailey ; Home Movies , Travelogues , Travel Films , Female Filmmakers , Amateur Film , Cultural Anthropology , Activism , History , Latin America , Central America , Mexico , South America , Africa , Europe , Australia , Asia , 16mm Film


Notes: The Helen Miller Bailey Travel Film Collection spans the years 1934 to 1974 and is made up of 16mm films shot by Dr. Bailey during her travels to countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Some consist of raw footage, while others were edited with narrative title cards beautifully illustrated by Bailey.
Helen Miller Bailey, PhD, taught at East Los Angeles College for more than forty years. She used these films for instructional purposes in the classroom as well as in travel lectures for the general public. Bailey spent eleven summers in Mexico, Central America, and South America between 1933 and 1954, and wrote several books about Latin American history and society.
Bailey’s films not only serve as historical documents of anthropological and cultural value, they represent the work of an amateur woman filmmaker during a period when few women were behind the camera and even fewer at the podium presenting their work.

Citation: Helen Miller Bailey Travel Film Collection, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

Location: USC Hefner Archive

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